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Here you can view some of our latest weddings, and read about the flowers that were used. Like what you see?

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Norhern lights

A variation of 'Cloud Seven,' Northern lights uses white roses and Italian Ruskus to accent Blue Dentrobium buds and blooms for an unusual yet stunning combination of flowers.


Hues of love

A collection of pink flowers (hydrangea, tulips, ranunculus) are accendeted by line-green cymbidium orchids. This gorgeous combination of high-end flowers is perfect for a spring or summer wedding. The pink is a classic touch, while green orchids add a modern twist on the bouquet. Boutonierres and corsages are also made from the cymbidiums to bring out the accents in the bouquet.


Cloud Seven

A gorgeous mix of sky-blue dendrobium orchids and gentle cream roses creates a classic, unforgetable combination. The flowers are accented by gentle beargrass greens. White ribbon on the handtied bouquet tops off the gorgeous arrangement for a truly heavenly look.




Fall in love

This beautiful bridal bouquet reflects the gorgeous pallet of autumn. With roses, carnations, hypericum, alstromeria, and greens, not only is this bouqet lovable, it`s also long-lasting and vibrant. This arangement is perfect for a summer or fall wedding, or one done in red and orange colors.

Tears of Joy

Hot pink accents on a white pallete - the bursts of color are what make this bridal bouquet original and breathtaking. White lilies, calla lilies, and roses set the mood, while hotpink roses and carnations create the accents. Subtle greenery from the lilies and roses underlines the beauty of the whole teardrop bouquet. Don`t be surprised if your eyes water up with tears of joy when seeing the bride holding these flowers.

Love at first sight

This original combination or red and white looks like it came right from Cupid. White roses, hypericum, and red orchids complete the birdal bouquet, while the bridesmaids boast red gerbera daisies and babieth breath. The boutonier keeps with the exotic flower theme with a Calla lily, a pink rose, and decorative greens and accessories. Overall, this wedding is a match made in heaven.

Simply Freesia

The wedding below was based around white daisies. The bride has an all-white bouquet of daisies and freesia, while the bridesmaids had orchids included in theirs. The boutonnieres were made to underline the suble beauty of the secondary flowers. The main boutonniere was made with a purple orchid, and the secondary ones included freesia flowers. This very delicate and original wedding was extremely affordable, call the number above and ask for Natasha to book an appointment.


Sunny Skies

The sunny skies wedding featured a blue pallete of irises, mixed in with sunny gerberas and clouds of daisies. Boutonnieres were made with daisies and freesia, bridesmaid bouquet was a small version of the bride's. The bouquet had a much less traditional over the shoulder style, instead of a regular handheld one. If you're looking for something original and out of the ordinary, this colorful and affordable wedding is for you.


Northern Lights

A reflection of the colorful northern lights, this wedding is a beauty. It combines vibrant purples, greens, and whites for a truly original collection. It features hydrangea, tulips, mini-calla lilies and hypericum masterly arranged to compliment but not overpower each other - like the harmony of hues in the northern lights. The colors can be easily substituted to match those in your wedding. The tulips are chatacteristic to spring, so they may have to be changed for another flower with the same feel. To get a consultation or quote, book an appointment by phone (613 288 9315) or e-mail ([email protected]).

Purple Harmony

Lavender roses decorated with greens and delphinium. The purple flowers will stand out as an unusual color at any occasion. They are also incredibly long-lasting, making them ideal for a day-long event.

Pink clouds

Made with pink hues of roses, peonies, and hydrangea, this bridal collection will feel like holding a pink cloud. Thse flowers will surround the bride in a light but stunning aroma while perfectly complementing her beauty.